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Etheia sees a world where people can move forward from the toughest challenges in their life with peace.

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Our Story

At Etheia, we know you want to be the best guide for your clients. We also know how challenging it is to get to the truth when you don’t have the right evidence. Our founders started this company because we heard dozens of family lawyers telling us how challenging it is to get the right data, dig for the right evidence, and achieve the best outcome in the case.

We believe client success stems from uncovering the truth. And in high conflict divorces, the truth is buried in undisclosed discovery documents, thousands of financial transactions, and accusations that you’re on a “fishing expedition”. Etheia’s software uncovers missing assets, conducts a lifestyle analysis, and gives you demonstrative evidence to help you best advocate for your client.

Getting started is easy. Schedule a call with us, we’ll identify a case, and soon, you’ll be up and running to help your clients succeed! In the meantime, you can check out our recent article in the Family Lawyer Magazine. We know your clients are going through some of the toughest points in their lives. We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest innovation so your clients can move forward.