Surface New Evidence in High Conflict Divorces

Family lawyers use Etheia to find financial anomalies and spending trends

Easily dig for the details

Achieve client success

Increase case revenue

Frustrated With Cases That Drag On For Years?

Get the tools and support to settle cases before they turn into a messy trial

How We Help You Settle Cases Faster

Our software gives you the full picture. Don’t let cases drag on.

Get The Leg Up You Need

Learn how we help you settle the toughest cases.

A Partnership

Some family lawyers are concerned about bringing software to their practice. We’re by your side. You’ll work with a team that understands your goals and uses software in a way that will help your practice.

Save Time And Money

Etheia Consulting uses software to keep costs down by augmenting forensic accountant work. And with a data-backed approach, you’ll get the leverage you need to settle cases, saving time for everyone.

You're In Control

You’ll always have control and custody of the data. At Etheia Consulting, we’re simply here to support you as you need it. Our software is fully customizable, so if there is a specific feature you need, we can build it in.

We Care About Your Clients

We've Been There

We know your clients often are frustrated with the process. Our approach focuses on settling the case so you can help them move forward.

We Know High Conflict

We understand how high conflict parties work. Your clients will feel validated knowing our approach helps get them the best outcome.

We know your clients are everything. Etheia Consulting helps them secure the best outcome.

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