Compel Fair Discovery in High Conflict Divorces

Family lawyers use Etheia to find hidden assets and financial anomalies

Surface New Evidence

Achieve Client Success

Increase Settlement Value

Frustrated With Inadequate Discovery Responses?

Get the tools to conduct fair discovery and uncover case-making insights

How We Help You Achieve Client Success

Our software gives you the full picture. Don’t let opposing counsel conceal evidence.

Get A Leg Up

Learn how Etheia helps you achieve client success.

A Partnership

Etheia partners with family practices to bring the newest innovation to clients. You’ll work with a team that understands your and your clients’ goals and uses technology to achieve them.

Save Time And Money

Etheia uses software to keep costs down for everyone. Instead of manually going through tens of thousands of financial transactions, Etheia affordably finds the anomalies.

Unmatched Security

Our team has 10+ years of experience consulting Fortune 50 companies on network and information security infrastructure. We bring best-in-class security practices to everything we do.

We Care About Your Clients

We've Been There

We know your clients often are frustrated with the process. Etheia quickly uncovers data so you can help them move forward.

We Know High Conflict

We understand how high conflict parties work. Your clients will feel validated knowing our approach helps get them the best outcome.

We know your clients are everything. Etheia helps secure the best outcome.

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Etheia shared how financial analytics can help family lawyers surface new insights in high net worth, high conflict divorces.